New Bioeconomy Institute of the CNR established

Italy is the third country in the sector in Europe and the second for the number of research projects

The Management Boards of the National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR) has decided about the creation of the Bioeconomy Institute (CNR-IBE). The headquarters will be located in Florence.
The new Institute, established from the merger of the Biometeorology Institute (CNR-IBIMET) and the Institute of Wood Exploitation and Tree Species (CNR-IVALSA), “responds to the ongoing process of reorganization of the Entity’s scientific network for the enhancement of the strategic sector for the future, which reports an increasing level of national and European investments,” underlines a message.
The competences and the lines of research of the Bioeconomy Institute regard various activities in the development of solutions to make the most of biodiversity and reinforce processes of resilience, sustainability, efficiency and capacity of mitigation and adjustment to the global changes in the chains of primary and forest-wood production, as well as the chemical industry, biotecnologies, energy, manufacturing and construction, through the use of renewable bio-resources to produce food, materials and energy.
European bioeconomy, points out the message of CNR, ensures yearly about 2,300 billion euros and more than 18 million workplaces. The Italian one includes almost two million jobs and around 330 billion turnover per year, of which 52 refer to the production in agriculture, with 800 thousand jobs, and 140 to the food industry, with almost 400 thousand employees.
Italy is the third nation in the sector in Europe, after Germany and France, and the second in terms of presence of the European research projects.


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