Pressure equipment: new reference practice by UNI, INAIL and CTI

The standard on connector hoses for gas appliances under public inquiry

contatore.jpgThere was published a new reference practice UNI/PdR 55:2019 which provides guidelines for the applicability of collections of ISPESL VSR, VSG, M and S, in line with the essential requirements of safety defined by the EU directive 2014/68 (PED) on pressure equipment.
The document was elaborated by UNI in cooperation with INAIL (National Institute for Industrial Accident Insurance) and the support of the Italian Thermo-technical Committee (CTI).
The last revision of the ISPESL collection dates back to 1995, reminds a message, specifying that UNI/PdR 55:2019 deals with the inspection of pressure vessels (VSR), the check on the stability of water steam generators (VSG), the use of construction materials in pressure equipment and systems (M) and the application of soldering in construction and repair of pressure equipment and systems (S).
At the same time, UNI launched a final public inquiry (feedback to be submitted by July 8) on the draft of UNI 1603538, which establishes the testing methods of non-metallic flexible hoses (types A1, A2, B and C) intended for the connection of fuel gas-consuming appliances of the I, II and III family in accordance with UNI EN 437.
The draft, falling within the responsibility of CIG, replaces UNI 7140:2013.


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