Biomethane, the agricultural plant of Caviro connected to the national network

Gattoni (President of CIB): “Agriculture’s input is vital for the sustainability of the Italian energy system”

Italy’s first agricultural biomethane production plant has been opened in Faenza. The winegrowers' cooperative Caviro, partner of CIB (Consorzio Italiano Biogas, Italian Biogas Consortium) will produce advanced biofuel from biogas generated in the process of anaerobic digestion of byproducts of the production cycle and the area’s livestock manure. It is one of the first important steps towards decarbonization of the transportation sector.
“The injection into the network of the first cubic meter of renewable gas of agri-industrial origin is a pivotal moment for the entire Italian agriculture,” says Piero Gattoni, President CIB. He adds that “Caviro is a successful example of coexistence between agriculture and production of renewable gas that hopefully others will follow soon.”
“Biomethane is an advanced biofuel that can play a primary role, among other things, in the energy transition,” continues Gattoni, “the example of Caviro shows that cooperation and the circular company model can be a winning strategy to strengthen competitiveness of the agri-industry sector and contribute to decarbonizing the energy sector favoring environmental protection at the same time.”


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