Thermal Account, financing from CDP to accelerate investments

The PICT loan granted to Municipalities, Provinces and Metropolitan Cities to cover the costs of the undertaken measures

To accelerate the measures of energy efficiency and rational use of energy under the thermal account as advance payment granted by the GSE (state-owned company which manages renewable energy incentives, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici). It is the purpose of the Advance Payment for Investments under Thermal Account (Prestito Investimenti Conto Termico, PICT) intended for Municipalities, Provinces and Metropolitan Cities that the Deposits and Loans Fund (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, CDP) launched on Friday.
The new line of long-term financing, explains a message, provides for a complete financial coverage of the projects: upon incentive collection by the Operator (which destines to the PA 200 million euros a year for the measures related to energy upgrading of buildings), the local entity ensures early repayment of the respective part of the PICT, without any extra charges.
On the one hand, the instrument “was designed to offer an innovative solution which helps local entities implement their own projects. On the other hand, it is intended to stimulate the energy transition projects also in the PA, in accordance with the new strategic and operational approach outlined in the the Plan for Industry of CDP that focuses largely on the principles of sustainable development,” the message underlines.


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