The “Verdemetano” brand presented

First in Italy to ensure quality and traceability of biomethane

In Bologna on Friday, at the second edition of “A Tutto Biometano,” the General Confederation Italian Beet Growers (Confederazione Generale Bieticoltori Italiani, CGBI), presented the new brand “Verdemetano” which ensures quality and traceability of biomethane “made in Italy.”
CGBI, which represents both national associations of beet growers ANB and CNB, explained that “Verdemetano” is “an advanced biofuel obtained exclusively from the processing of the traced agricultural byproducts, e.g. beet pulp, grape marc, pomace oil, poultry dropping, livestock manure and second harvest agricultural production, and as such it must have a distinctive trademark and the right value on the market.”
Presidents of CGBI and ANB, Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi, and CNB, Gabriele Lanfredi, specified that the registration of the trademark “begins a mass media campaign to promote the value of production and reinforce the trading platform ‘Agri.bio.mobility’ launched a year ago to bring together agricultural producers of biomethane, road haulage companies and businesses for which sustainability is their distinguishing feature of the market presence.”


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10 June 2019 - 15:49 CEST