Basilicata: €275 M for energy, mobility and environment

Resolution of CIPE in O.J. Funds also for water and waste

The Region of Basilicata has received over 275.3 million euros, of which about €35 M for “ energy and city mobility”, €83 M for “environmental protection” and €11 M for “transportation and network infrastructure.” Such allocation has been provided for by the resolution of CIPE (Comitato Interministeriale per la Programmazione Economica, Interdepartamental Committee for Economic Planning) nO. 71 of November 28, 2018 “Action and Cohesion Programme 2014-2020. Complementary Programme – Basilicata Region,” published in the Official Journal no. 134 of June 10.
The resolution includes a detailed financial plan describing six actions concerning different sectors and it breaks down the financial allocation into each field. In further detail, there are planned, among others, the measures for energy efficiency and rational use of energy in buildings of the public administration and installation of cogeneration and trigeneration plants.
The document of CIPE also regards waste, with the funds intended for new composting plants, and the water sector that will receive financing for the expansion of infrastructure for treatment and network monitoring.


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