Biotechnologies, Lombardy ranked first in Italy

With turnover worth €5.5 bn Followed by Lazio with over €2.5 bn
scale.jpgLombardy confirms to be the first region in Italy in terms of biotech companies (181, accounting for around 28% of the national total), the segment’s turnover (over 5.5 billion euros) and direct investments in R&D of businesses (more than €160 million). These are the findings that the Region of Lombardy published on Tuesday. They indicate that biotech technologies are based across the entire Italy, however, they can be found mostly (more than 80%) in the northern and central part of the country.
Almost 90% of the turnover which biotechnologies generate in Italy, such as health, industry and environment, agriculture and animal husbandry, is concentrated in three regions: Lombardy, Lazio and Tuscany. Indeed, Lombardy is followed by Lazio in terms of turnover (over €2.5 bn) and Tuscany as regards investments in R&D (more than €110 M).


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12 June 2019 - 15:51 CEST