LNG Livorno, first gas in the network

As of October 4. The first capacity assignments get underway. Greenstream flow still reduced

20131008_1As of October 4 the LNG terminal of Livorno started to put gas in the network. The same day OLT (controlled by E.ON and Iren) published on its website the procedure for sub-annual capacity assignment that should take place from December 1 to September 30, 2014. The Snam data indicate that last Friday the regasification plant put in 3.4 M m 3  that increased to 4.1 M the next day, then to 5.5 M yesterday and 4.4. M today. Presently, the plant is in the phase of testing, the completion of which is expected in about 2 months, and the commercial activity is estimated to begin just on December 1.
Meanwhile, the assignment procedure provides for publication on the website of OLT of the available discharge slots by November 15. In turn the operator's access applications and the contracts submission with the relevant bank guarantees are to be published by November 25 and 29, respectively.
On the other hand, as for the importation from Libya, the flow of Greenstream still occurs to be reduced amounting to about 9 M m 3.
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