Snam lauches an open innovation platform

Snam fosters a culture of open innovation to gather good ideas and innovative projects capable of creating new business opportunities. Snam is launching its Snam Up digital platform, which will be accessible to both employees and external parties - particularly startups - who want to contribute their own ideas to innovate the company and its processes.

"Snam Up" serves two purposes: on the one hand, it is internal-facing, dedicated to company employees, and on the other, it is externally-focused. Its internal focus consists of initiatives such as "Call 4 Ideas", which gives Snam employees the opportunity to help solve Snam’s key five strategic challenges for the future of the company: improvement of working methods (Future Workplace), enhancement of assets (Smart Asset), promoting the use of methane and biomethane in mobility (G-Mobility), creation of sustainable value for communities (Snam 4 Impact) and innovation in the value chain of natural gas (Future of Gas).

On the other hand, its external focus centres on its "Call 4 Startups" initiative: remote monitoring, digitization of assets, emission control, selection and promotion of talents, smart building, augmented and virtual reality, IoT (Internet of Things), knowledge sharing, cybersecurity, smart safety, energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

Snam's open innovation platform is a tool to open up to the startup ecosystem, whilst also promoting entrepreneurship and a spirit innovation amongst its employees.

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04 December 2018 - 18:14 CET