Fondazione Snam and Confagricoltura named the first winners of the “Tesori” project


Fondazione Snam and Confagricoltura named the winners of the first call of the contest "Coltiviamo agricoltura sociale – Tesori (Terre Solidali in Reti Inclusive)", promoted by the two companies in collaboration with Rete Fattorie Sociali and the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The first tender was focused on two areas owned by Snam: one in Recanati, about 5 hectares, and one in Camerino, about 1.5 hectares. Both areas will be lent for free for 10 years to the Ludus cooperative, which presented two projects in partnership with the social cooperative GIASF and - in the case of Recanati - with the social cooperative Terra e Vita. The winners will also be guaranteed a contribution of 30,000 euros, mentoring activities and a scholarship for the online master program in Social Agriculture organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The projects, developed by Ludus, are focused on the promotion of the area and of ethical and social work.

The award ceremony took place as part of a workshop held in Pescara and dedicated to the sustainable development of local communities, during which the Deputy General Manager Dario Manigrasso explained Snam's strategic positioning and the first experiences of the Snam Foundation, which is inspired by circular economy principles to create social value. The event was also attended by the president of Legambiente Abruzzo Giuseppe Di Marco, the Director of the CGM Consortium Anna Voltolini, the author of tertiary sector reform decrees Gabriele Sepio, the head of social agriculture of Confagricoltura Pina Romano and the Archbishop of Chieti-Penne Monsignor Tommaso Valentinetti.

At the ceremony, Fondazione Snam and Confagricoltura also announced the launch of the second call for tenders for the competition, which includes three other agricultural areas owned by Snam, in Rimini, Palù and Ronco all'Adige. All documents will be published shortly on the project platform: www.coltiviamoagricolturasociale.it/tesori

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12 July 2018 - 12:47 CEST