Clean energy

energia pulita

Natural gas is a key source for a sustainable energy mix

Gas, the greenest and most efficient fossil fuel, is an indispensable energy source for a sustainable energy mix.
In fact natural gas is the only fossil fuel capable of providing a pathway towards emissions reduction, together with the renewable energy sources such as wind and photovoltaic energy, that are neither programmable nor storable.

Despite measures for the use of renewable energies taken over past few years, there was only a small reduction of the use of a fossil fuel such as coal which is cheap but, unlike natural gas, is a major pollutant.

CNG, LNG, biomethane: a contribution to emissions reduction

In addition to traditional uses, such as heating, electricity generation and supply to plants, natural gas allows a series of applications that can bring tangible environmental benefits.

Methane can be utilized as fuel for vehicles (CNG). Compared to other fossil fuels, CNG could lead to significant CO2 emissions reductions and to almost cancelation of nitrogen emissions (about 94%), and particulate matter (about 95%).

Another use is LNG for maritime transport, able to singnificantly reduce emissions, compared to other fossil fuels. Moreover, LNG is subjected to treatments that eliminate particulate and SOx and almost remove NOx, thus making LNG compatible with high standard environmental standards.

Biomethane uses existing gas networks and also generates beneficial effects to agri-food sector, fostering an economic model based on sustainability and circularity in the use of resources.

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