More efficiency

More efficiency

Natural gas is a low-emission fossil fuel that could provide, along with non-programmable renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaic, an effective and efficient decarbonization path

A different composition of the energy mix also means a different contribution in terms of energy efficiency and a more limited impact in environmental terms. As demonstrated by the graphs (which indicate the kilograms of CO2 per Gigajoule of coal, oil and gas and the Megajoules produced per kilogram of CO2), the use of gas as an alternative to coal provides twice the amount of electricity for the same carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, lower polluting emissions and higher energy efficiency.

The first graph shows the theoretical emissions generated to produce a Giga Joule of energy, while the second shows the theoretical generation of energy in relation to the emissions produced (source: data processing upon data of Ministry of Economic Development ; Terna - Statistical data 2015; Ispra - 2014).


CO2 kg for GJ


MJ for CO2 kg

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