The principal findings in the report analysis for gas sector

Over the next five years, rapid growth in LNG exports from the US combined with the completion of several gas ‘mega’ projects in the Asian region will result in a significant increase in the global supply of LNG. With greater flexibility of supply sources and the likelihood of sustained low gas prices, the industry has an opportunity, during this period, to implement actions which will support the growth potential of natural gas.

A sustained focus is required on three fronts for gas growth to fulfill expectations:

  • First, through technology improvements and policies to improve the cost competitiveness of gas;
  • second, through infrastructure and market improvements to expand gas accessibility and security of supply;
  • third, through investment in technology to improve the sustainability of gas in the near term and to de-carbonize the sector in the long term.
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02 October 2017 - 11:25 CEST