Snam activities and infrastructures

Gas plays a crucial role in the Italian and European energy industry

Natural gas pays a key role in the energy context, both Italian and European. In Italy Snam Rete Gas provides natural gas transport, dispatching and storage services and liquefied natural gas regasification service, by making available, through the use and development of its Transportation Network, the transport capacity required to meet market demand and to satisfy the access request to its Transportation Network submitted by shippers.

Thanks to steady investments, network is expanded and improved, ensuring both efficiency and safety. A 5.2 billion euros investment plan, planned for the 2017-2021 period involves also storage and regasification. In addition, Snam carefully select its suppliers, which must meet a number of strict requirements.

Operations are conducted in constant dialogue with the communities involved, paying particular attention to creating value in the territory where the infrastructures are hosted.

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