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Domenico Negrini
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Ph. +39 02.3703.7571
Mob. +39 340.0640189
Piazza Santa Barbara, 7
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Italy


Switchboard: +39 02.3703.1
Fax: +39 02.3703.9227

Growing with our suppliers


Snam’s Supplier Portal – a web platform that facilitates information exchange – has been updated


The workshop, realized at a Group level, The Responsible Relationship between the Company and Supply Chain  was conducted in 2014


Increased the number of sustainability-related controls


From suppliers to business partners, these are Snam’s real suppliers.

Safety, transparency, attention to the community, respect for the land and reinforcement of licenses to operate are indispensable values around which Snam aims to forge responsible and trusting relationships with its suppliers. The Suppliers’ Day for Sustainability in 2011, the My safety is your safety workshop in 2012, Sharing views to prevent and improve workshop in 2013 and The Responsible Relationship between the Company and Supply Chain in 2014  provided opportunities to meet and strengthen relationships with Snam’s business partners based on knowledge sharing: sharing best operating practices is a key element of the process to continuously improve the relationship between the principal and its suppliers and sharing was the key word at the base of the Suppliers Portal project.

Moreover, increasing the wealth of knowledge and working together to achieve mutual growth creates value for suppliers and provides the company with greater reliability and competitiveness, while also generating healthy business development for the national economy.



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