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Our Sustainability Report has a new name: "Natural gas for decarbonisation. 2016 Sustainability Report". Since 2013 Snam prepared the Report in accordance with the "G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" of GRI

Since 2006, Snam has published its Sustainability Report on an annual basis. This document, which includes economic and social data, is the result of the evolution of the Health, Safety and Environmental Report that the company has published since its formation in 2001, and since 1994, as Snam S.p.A.

Snam has adopted a different approach in its 2016 sustainability report, including the concept in the name of the document. In fact, this year’s edition has a new title: “Natural gas for decarbonisation – 2016 sustainability report”.
The document is made up of two parts: part one, entitled “Natural gas and climate change”, discusses the role of natural gas in the energy challenges associated with sustainable development and Snam’s commitment to encourage its use. Starting from the international agenda for combating climate change and concluding with the strategies and activities that Snam is developing on the new uses of natural gas (CNG, biomethane, small scale LNG, gas powered heat pumps, etc.), the objective is to illustrate Snam’s role in the decarbonisation process.
Part two of the document, entitled “CSR and performance” presents the sustainability information and performance in compliance with the “In accordance - comprehensive” option of the G4 “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines”.

The materiality analysis was updated in 2016 in the light of distribution activities leaving the scope of the company. The analysis confirmed the materiality issues identified last year with some of them in a different position within the matrix.

Natural gas for decarbonisation. 2016 Sustainability Report

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