Responsability towards everyone

Responsability towards everyone

Snam stands as a unique entity which operates to provide a service to Italy, thus ensuring the necessary conditions for economic development and industrial growth.


According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), over the next 25 years there will be an increase in the demand for energy at the global level, with gas growing at a faster pace than any other fossil fuel from now until 2040.
European demand for gas will remain largely unchanged, while demand in Asia, and particularly in China and India, and in the Middle East and Africa, will grow substantially. By contrast, the European continent will become a larger importer of gas with a negative balance between demand and supply estimated at 453 billion cubic metres, and with the need for new imports over the next five years (i.e., until 2020) to be divided 65% for northern Europe and 35% for southern Europe.

The Third Energy Package enacted by the European Commission forms a logical component of this energy scenario. In addition to establishing standardised national rules for creating a single European market that is transparent and competitive, it sets conditions for the development of infrastructure to diversify sources, and thus for the security of procurement and improved connection in national markets.

Snam, unlike most of the companies on the market, does not operate in a competitive situation, but rather stands as a unique entity which operates to provide a service to Italy, thus ensuring the necessary conditions for economic development and industrial growth.

Snam’s activities, such as high-pressure gas transmission, have high capital intensity and are tightly regulated. Similarly the infrastructure is by its nature a monopoly and, for this reason, many of Snam’s activities constitute an asset to the community and should be planned over the long term.

Snam’s responsibilities include managing the natural gas system in Italy, ensuring its safety and minimising the risk of service discontinuity. Snam’s role is absolutely crucial for the development of the country and its success is critical for Italian citizens and the national industrial system.

This role of great responsibility towards the country is also reflected in the company’s willingness to implement a sustainability strategy based on shared value. For example, Snam makes some of its spaces and its knowledge available for the benefit of local communities, and strives to develop technology partnerships to benefit local areas.


There are two processes which involve energy sustainability at European level:

  • the implementation of the 2030 Climate and Energy Package, to reduce environmental pollution by at least 40% compared with the 1990 figures;
  • the gradual construction of the Energy Union, a structured journey which, in addition to the decarbonisation of the economy, also includes four dimensions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals:
  1. energy security;
  2. market integration;
  3. energy efficiency;
  4. research, innovation and competitiveness.
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