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At the beginning of December 2017, the Snam Foundation and Confagricoltura  signed a cooperation protocol for the promotion, development and implementation of social farming projects. The agreement is born by the common desire to promote the dissemination of innovative and supportive practices in the agricultural sector, in vulnerable areas or in the public interest, in respect and enhancement of the territory and the environment.

Sentieri Stagionali

Young Energy is Snam's programme modelled on the “Alternanza scuola lavoro” framework (school-work alternation). The project is aimed at third-year, fourth-year and fifth-year high school students.

Responsibility towards everyone

Snam and Italy’s parks federation Federparchi collaborate to strengthen environmental safeguard and protection of biodiversity

Collaborating with authorities, non-profit associations and institutions is an integral part of Snam’s sustainable development strategy and, based on the principle of inclusivity, the company aims to develop valuable and trustworthy relations with every stakeholder, acknowledging their right to be heard and committing to providing reports on the company’s activities and decisions made.

When developing relationships with all of its stakeholders, Snam considers compliance with the law, ethicality and transparency to be fundamental requirements, without which any type of collaboration would not be possible.

Another important aspect is that, in all of its relationships, Snam has taken inspiration from the general principles that form the basis of its operational activity, namely to:

  • Ensure the diversity of opinions and political and cultural orientations
  • Guarantee the clarity of goals and thus transparency in project management
  • Recognise social, cultural and environmental trends that are representative of the region
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of projects
  • Ensure planning ability and flexibility in identifying routes

In 2017, around €249 thousand was dedicated to donations and sponsorships and over €5.6 million went on environmental compensation. Snam’s expenditure on protecting the environment runs to approximately €120.6 million (€108.4 million on investments and €12.2 million on management costs). Some of the initiatives proposed in 2017 are, for example, are the fifth book dedicated to A garden in the network and the Young Energy.

Policy for managing philanthropic activities and social initiatives

The collaboration activities are selected on the basis of the “Policy for managing philanthropic activities and social initiatives”, in line with the company’s strategy, its relationship with local areas and the sustainability objectives.

As a company operating in a regulated market with specific technical and economic constraints Snam launches community initiatives including charitable donations and sponsorships.

In particular, it priorities the following criteria when choosing or promoting its activities:

  • the potential to raise awareness about the Company and its strategic growth plans;
  • the capacity to create culture and value added for the community while respecting tradition, as part of an ongoing and sustainable improvement plan;
  • the capacity to create economic value which simultaneously generates value for the company, for stakeholders and for the community in which the company operates.

In line with these criteria, the activities are aimed at organisations operating in the fields of environmental protection, culture, social infrastructure and regional protection and are active in the geographical areas where the Snam Group is already present with its own infrastructure and/or with investments to develop or strengthen its infrastructure.


Snam Foundation

The relationship between businesses and society has increasingly become the focus of more attention and interest. In recent years, the continuing economic uncertainty and concurrent increase in social emergencies has created serious hardship, especially in the weaker bands of the population. Businesses, which have always played a fundamental role in the economic and social development of a country, have reacted by implementing policies and tools to try and respond to these emergencies.

Snam intends to make its contribution and increase its corporate social responsibility. This is why the Snam Foundation has been established with a view to developing and adopting innovative and sound practices capable of encouraging civil, cultural and economic development in priority areas of public interest. The Foundation intends to play a part in creating tangible and intangible infrastructures, also leveraging the know-how, networks, technical and technological means to develop partnerships, projects and initiatives of social value.

In 2017 Fondazione Snam, together with other important Italian foundations, promoted "Welfare che impresa!", the contest that aims to encourage the emergence of project ideas of young people under 35 on welfare issues for the communities, able to promote social cohesion, development and networking.
Furthermore, to encourage the meeting between the social world and Snam, the Foundation launched the "Tesori - Terre Solidali in Reti Inclusiv" initiative in continuity with the Snam's project "A garden in the network".

Snam and the museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia

The Italian gas transportation network synoptic panel was donated to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” Foundation of Milan (MUST).

As part of the renovation of the Snam Rete Gas dispatching centre, this important technology was replaced with equipment that is even more cutting edge. For more than 30 years, via remote control, the panel managed the gas flows of the Italian grid and its injection point from the main European and North African gas pipelines.

The ultimate aim of the donation is the creation of value for both the company and the museum. Snam will have the possibility of seeing its role as the major player in the country’s gas system recognised in Milan, centre of the Po Valley, a major hub of the company’s activities and history, precisely when it reaches its 75th anniversary. The museum, which is the largest and most visited technical-scientific museum in Italy, will add an important piece to its exhibitions, also providing new economic value to its offerings aimed at an ever growing public.

The Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia will own the item outright and it will be placed in the section of the museum dedicated to energy systems with a dedicated installation. The interactive exhibition "RE-Source. Natural gas in the future of energy" was built around the synoptic panel given. Visitors were able to follow, through photographs, videos and interactive tools, the story of Italian methanisation as a driving force for the Italian economic miracle, the engineering challenges faced by Snam in the construction of infrastructures and the role of gas in decarbonisation processes and in the climate change fight.

Snam and Italy’s parks federation, Federparchi, collaborate to jointly implement projects aimed at further strengthening the protection of the environment and biodiversity throughout the country. This collaboration is part of Snam’s broader approach to sustainability issues, focusing on further enhancing the relationship between the company and local communities and the mutual benefits that may arise from this cooperation.

For Snam, the collaboration with Federparchi represents a unique opportunity to develop synergies with recognised experts in science, nature and Wildlife.

Besides, Snam and Federparchi are collaborating in the publishing initiative "Sustainable Paths" and worked together in the environmental awareness projects with schools "The network of Trust and Respect" and  "Stories about the future".

In January 2012, Snam joined the Sodalitas Foundation, an Assolombarda foundation whose members include 84 leading companies and foundations. Sodalitas’s mission is to build a bridge between the entrepreneurial world and the non-profit sector, to foster the widespread growth of the planning and managerial capabilities of the voluntary sector and to develop projects for promoting entrepreneurial sustainability in the Italian market.

In this context, since 2011, Snam has participated in the Sodalitas Social Innovation award, helping to evaluate the projects submitted as part of the Quality Commissions made up of a select group of companies, sponsoring foundations and institutions. The best projects are presented at the closing event of the initiative which, in some cases, leads to contacts and partnership opportunities with companies.
In addition to the award, Snam also participates in follow-up initiatives which promote dialogue between businesses and non-profit organisations to develop a common approach that in turn leads to more effective and efficient projects.

Besides, since 2014 Snam participates to WHP  (Workplace Health Promotion) a project born from collaboration of ASL and Confidustria and promoted by Sodalitas. The project involves the promotion of factors related to improved work organisation and a better work environment, encouraging staff to participate in healthy activities, promoting healthy choices and encouraging personal growth.

Free Energy is the program of initiatives that Fondazione Snam dedicates to all the people of the company - employees and collaborators - designed to "free up the energy" of the social activities of individuals. "Connect to build opportunities" is one of Snam's values ​​and thanks to the Snam Foundation programme it is possible to give greater strength and wealth to the connections of the social network.
Free Energy is in fact a participatory project that strengthens the connections and makes it possible to amplify the value of initiatives for solidarity and social purposes to which everyone is dedicatedin the free time. It is possible to "free one's own social energy" by participating in different activities, with different levels of commitment and involvement, which allow to send reports, proposals, ideas and suggestions, which will be collected by the Foundation through dedicated channels.
There are three ways to participate:

  • Double your contribution: by contributing a cash donation to projects and / or organizations, Free Energy supports the social commitment of employees by doubling it.
  • Report a project: employees can present a project that has been initiated or to be initiated and collaborate as a volunteer or Ambassador. If consistent with its areas of intervention, Fondazione Snam will commit itself to providing support in its implementation.
  • Suggest an idea: employees can offer ideas on their own or with a group of colleagues. Fondazione Snam will support them in the realization of projects with social, environmental or cultural aims in the areas of intervention of the Foundation.


Snam Foundation

Read about the TESORI initiative of the Snam Foundation


Sodalitas Foundation: an organisation created in 1995 to build a bridge between the entrepreneurial world and the non-profit sector


Italian Federation of Parks and Natural Reserves (Federparchi)

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