Sharing space and knowledge


The evolution of the Shared Value approach has led Snam to identify four development areas to be explored for potential projects: Sharing Local Energy, Powering Innovation, Snam Open Data and Snam Greenways

Orto Terranuova Bracciolini

Company garden started at km zero at the Terranuova Bracciolini plant


By making the spaces in Cà Bertocchi available to the public, GNL Italia’s aim was to combine business needs with the growth of the area and its social fabric

Snam is able to generate shared value when:

  • infrastructure management increases at the same time as the company’s integration within the local community
  • the production of unique information that is specific to the regions is shared with local and institutional players

Snam is a company firmly rooted in the region, which has an effect on local environmental and social assets. Its challenge is to define a citizenship model that combines competitiveness and system reliability with a local presence. This is developed by sharing assets with the region, such as the areas surrounding the plants and their expertise.

Snam’s choice to increase its presence in the regions is a direct result of the Shared Value approach initiated in 2011.
This consolidation is currently organised into several areas of intervention. The sharing of space and knowledge falls within two major areas: “Sharing Local Energy” and “Snam Open Data”.
GNL Italia is a positive reference too, with regard to the sharing of corporate spaces with the example of Cà Bertocchi, a fully renovated period villa owned by the company and made available to the local community for cultural events, conferences, etc. In addition to indoor spaces, GNL Italia has also chosen to make a green area of 4 km overlooking the bay of Panigaglia, next to Cà Bertocchi, available to the local community. GNL Italia has completely restored the landscape and environment of the area by planting typical native Mediterranean species and creating a scenic walking trail.

Marco Galletti, Chairman and CEO of GNL Italia

Marco_GallettiThis initiative strengthens our dialogue with the community in which we are based in innovative ways. In this example, we recovered a corporate asset and made it available to the local community with a view to combining business needs with the growth of the area and its social fabric.

This activity is part of a broader project that aims to make the Company’s innate knowledge and skills available to schools, and also to foster the link between the academic world and the world of work.

Again, an interesting example of sharing knowledge with the regions was the application of the Panigaglia regasification plant’s evacuation plan outside the facility, which was used to manage the evacuation during the floods that hit the area of Lunigiana in 2010.

A vegetable garden in the network

Fotogallery Progetto

In 2014 Snam entered into an agreement with the Betadue Cooperative whereby it provided four years free use of a land parcel it owns located outside the headquarters in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR).
The Terranuova Bracciolini plant is surrounded by about four hectares of green area located outside the plant that is the site of a fruit and olive orchard (a total of about 150 fruit trees).
The company leased the land free of charge to the social cooperative Betadue, which is dedicated to the employment of disadvantaged people and specialised in the management of green spaces used for farming. The vegetable garden’s products are used in a short-range catering network that prepares the meals served in Valdarno schools and communities, realizing a true social vegetable garden.
Videos, photographs and Group social network updates captured the intimate details of the garden and the people who work there every day. Photographer Christian Sinibaldi took a series of shots of this initiative which were displayed at an exhibit inaugurated in Milan last September in the Vigna di Leonardo and later were featured at Expo 2015 in multimedia format. His scenes paint a picture of the network of solidarity and social integration that was created around this project.


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