Safety in the workplace


Reduction of 34% in the accident frequency index for contractors


The entire Snam Group has the certification of the occupational health and safety management systems according to international standard OHSAS 18001:2007


The first months of 2016 were characterised by the significant attention paid by the entire Group to the issue of health and safety

The first months of 2016 provided particularly rich results in terms of occupational safety for the Snam Group. The evidence? A long list that shows how the safety culture is maturing and becoming a shared heritage of the entire Group.


How Snam works to prevent accidents

Management strategies Actions
Reducing the risk factors typically associated with
our work
An in-depth analysis of the causes of accidents can identify possible measures for eliminating, mitigating or correcting risk factors by performing organisational, technical or operating solutions on equipment, plants, workplaces, and by implementing certain methods of operation and conduct.
The actions and results arising from our accident survey are subjected to further analysis at regular safety meetings, during which staff are informed about the causes of accidents and the measures taken to prevent them.
“Project Safety”
(improvement and prevention plans)
In 2016, our improvements focused mainly on educating and raising awareness among staff, with a view to promoting safe and careful conduct, on complying with operating and safety procedures and on the correct use of work equipment and protective measures.
In addition, we have our “Zero Accidents Award”, whereby employees commit to achieving 365 consecutive days with no accidents at work on their commute. Every year, the winning team receives a significant reward.
Specialist training We provide classroom and on-the-job technical and professional training on these issues, favouring teaching by our own experts and calling on high-quality external training entities and institutions where appropriate.
Supplier engagement Suppliers are evaluated carefully at the qualification stage and then controlled and monitored via feedback and inspections during the work execution phase.
Each year, we hold regular workshops with suppliers to present to them the Company’s strategic plans and to share best operating practice in safety, environmental and transparency matters.


Working safely at Snam Rete Gas.

In Snam Rete Gas, the North District, the Compressor stations unit, the Operations unit (S. Donato), the South-West District, the Sicily District, the West Central District and the East Central District achieved 365 days with no accidents.

Safety is at home on the Snam Rete Gas plants. For example the Compressor stations unit has reached the target of a million hours worked without any accidents. The most recent accident took place back in June 2009, almost six years ago.
A result of the high level of attention that all the company’s staff has paid continuously in time towards the aspects that guarantee safety in their working activities, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the accident prevention policy that the Snam Group has adopted for years at all its work sites.  

Working safely at Stogit

For Stogit, the Zero Accidents Award was given to Crema headquarters, to the Ripalta and Sergnano operations cluster, to the Brugherio and Settala operations cluster, to the Fiume Treste operations cluster and to the Cortemaggiore and Bordolano operations cluster.

Working safely at GNL Italia

For GNL Italia, the Zero Accidents Award was given to the On call group.


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