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Gas to Go

The new software application, developed in-house by Snam's ICT Division to manage the technical activities associated with urban gas distribution, has optimized the work efficiency of technicians and it has changed their work habits. After one year since the launch of the App, we asked two technicians to tell us their experience.

the project

Legambiente - progetto

In 2013, Snam launched "Gas to Go," a new software application developed in-house by Snam's ICT Division to manage the technical activities associated with urban gas distribution. This application, which can be installed on iPads used by Italgas and Napoletanagas technicians, is the result of a desire to optimise workload planning and management in order to increase the efficiency of the system through the development of an "intelligent" agenda that would decrease the time taken to travel to appointments.

An ambitious objective, and one that Gas to Go has achieved by exploiting the opportunities offered by new technologies. The App has integrated IT systems, company databases and applications, computerised maps and GPS into a single device. An information database and a virtual "toolkit," available with just one click.

The benefits of the new App have changed the work habits and daily routines of technicians, simplifying, among other things, the reporting of interventions, all but eliminating the use of paper, reducing the risk of error and increasing team working among colleagues through the "FaceTime” application.

For this reason, almost a year after the launch of Gas to Go, we asked two technicians from different regions to tell us, even in an ironic way, about this tablet-based approach and their experiences using it.

Double video interview

il convegno

Mob App Award


On the occasion of the 2013 Smau ICT convention in Turin, Italgas has won the Mob App Award in the category Work Force Management for its "Gas to Go" application.

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