Strategy and commitments

Strategy and commitments

In December 2016 Snam, in a consortium with Allianz, also completed the acquisition from OMV, the main Austrian oil & gas company, of 49% of Gas
Connect Austria GmbH (GCA).

Strategy and commitments

Snam is a partner in PRISMA, an international project involving 39 European gas transmission operators from 16 countries.

Strategy and commitments

82% of company employees involved in the 2016 Climate survey

Shared Value is the new strategic approach for the sustainability of Snam which maximises the creation of shared value for both the company and for stakeholders.

Sustainability is integral to Snam’s global strategy, investment decisions and everyday business practices: in short, it is a key development factor for all of the Group’s sectors of activity.

Since 2011, Snam has redefined its strategic thinking by reviewing its business activities from the perspective of Shared Value, which envisages an ever closer link between business activities and corporate social responsibility. This evolutionary approach, theorised by Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, is in line with the company’s vision of value created for itself and for its stakeholders.

The Objective Safety project, OHSAS 18001 certification and the HSE training programme have led to a reduction in accident indexes for the contractors.

Going into the details of corporate commitment, one of the most important issues in which Snam has chosen to invest is safety. In this regard, Snam has been working on several fronts: the Objective Safety project promoting internal awareness, developing a robust training plan with more than 19,200 hours of training delivered and the constant care for its suppliers. The injury indices for contractors have also improved, thanks to the diffusion of management systems, certified according to international standards, and the numerous awareness-raising initiatives implemented.

The focus on social aspects is borne out also by the new initiatives for the employees and the support for Global Compact.

Finally, Snam also pays particular attention to the social consequences of its activities. For example, in 2015, based on an agreement signed with trade unions there has been the launch of the ‘smart working’ experiment. The experiment, which is currently limited to certain Snam departments, will be concluded in 2017 and, following analysis of the results, may be extended to all Group companies.
The focus on sustainable growth is also reinforced by Snam’s active support of Global Compact and its principles, and the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • The sustainable development policy  - drafted by Snam in May 2012 - is centralised at Group level and applies directly to all Group subsidiaries.

  • In addition to the Group policy, Snam has signed the Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles , promoted by Confindustria as a policy-defining tool that sets out the shared values and the actions needed for a progressive move towards greater environmental sustainability, establishing realistic and achievable goals for Italian companies.

  • One of the sustainable development activities is a policy through which Snam develops and maintains its Business Continuity Management process: the purpose of this process is to increase the company’s ability to react in emergency situations and to improve the resilience of its business services. The Business Continuity Management policy  is centralised at Group level and applies directly to all Group subsidiaries.

  • Given the great importance attached to occupational health, safety, environmental protection and the quality of services provided, in December 2017, Snam also updated its Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policy.

  • Snam, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Model and its strategic growth plans, has also created a policy to manage its philanthropic activities and social initiatives.

  • Snam considers risk governance to be highly important and is committed to taking a structured, systemic approach to risk. In this view, the Company adopted in March 2015 a Risk management policy.

  • Snam recognises the central importance of stakeholders as the beneficiaries of the value created through the company's activities. In this view, the Company adopted in March 2016 a  Stakeholder engagement policy.

  • Snam considers the Human Rights Protection an issue of paramount importance.  In this view, the Company adopted in April 2017 a Policy about Human Rights


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