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snam senza frontiere

“Snam Senza Frontiere” is the welfare initiative involving all Group employees and its foreign affiliates in various activities in the spirit of fun, health and team making, now at the second edition

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The Group intranet platform “easy” transforms the way we conceive the intranet space: from a repository of different themes to a “digital workplace”.



Again this year started the enrolment for the Summer camp, dedicated to employees' children


Corporate intranet

Targeted at all Snam employees, the Group Intranet platform is a space for information and for raising awareness but also a place for sharing and developing knowledge. It is a dynamic instrument accessible to all Group staff, also via mobile connections so that those who work for Snam are always up to speed with all of the information, new developments, applications and documents that can help them in their work. The platform includes broad themed sections of interest to the entire company and provides all employees with news, information on the launch of projects and initiatives, and in-depth analysis in real time. The “collaboration” space allows members of teams to exchange work documents, share opinions and acknowledge notices regarding the work group in real time and in perfect harmony. Easy speaks to Snam people primarily through images: there are lots of photo galleries, videos, animations and infographics, tools that succeed in instantly communicating company experiences, innovations and events. The platform also has a site totally dedicated to the theme of Managerial Expertise: through the use of videos and infographics a new way of effectively supporting company processes has been developed.

Together with the family

Snam pays considerable attention to the welfare of the families of its employees on a daily basis. The numerous “family friendly” initiatives are intended to help mothers and fathers find the right work-life balance.

There is the possibility to have refunds for employees who needs creches and subsidies for buying text books are available (for 74 employees). Besides 15 scholarships were awarded and loans for educational expenses were given.

In addition to this support throughout the year, Snam also organises activities during school holidays: each year, employees’ children are offered the option of participating in theme-centred summer camps focusing on sports, appreciating nature and the study of English. The initiative is provided
free of charge, with only a small contribution for any personal expenses. Summer camp programme activities, which are prepared and finalised partly with the contribution that participants and their parents offer each year in satisfaction surveys, offer several activities in various areas of sports, knowledge of the environment and artistic expression.
In 2016, the activities were concentrated at Cesenatico, Piani di Luzza and Malta  with the participation of 175 employees' children.

Health and wellbeing

Promoting a healthy lifestyle among its employees is one of the commitments that Snam has chosen to promote and carry forward, especially through:

  • cancer early detection programmes, in collaboration with the Italian League against Cancer and with participating health facilities
  • special health check-up programmes aimed at managers
  • flu vaccination campaign.

    In addition to its special focus on prevention, Snam also invests in promoting the everyday wellbeing of its employees. The different options proposed by the company include:
  • physical activity in selected and approved sports centres in the vicinity of the office, at preferential membership rates;
  • taking advantage of the high quality of corporate catering provided, using services that ensure the use of first-rate raw materials, keep the nutritional value in the preparation of ingredients and maintain the quality of the environments and facilities where the service is provided;
  • enjoying take-away meals: allowing employees to save time by ordering dishes to eat at home.

Savings in leisure time

Group employees can obtain preferential terms when applying for personal loans (246 employees took advantage of this borrowing for a total of approximately €1 million), taking out insurance policies, obtaining credit cards, buying used cars, renting cars, buying brand name products, booking holidays and purchasing of subsidised travel on public transport (215 bought)..



Corporate volunteering

In 2015, the Snam Group decided to involve its employees in volunteering activities to support programmes of several associations:

Food Right Now”  in Uganda and Myanmar, sponsored and coordinated by CESVI, aimed to fight the food emergency and to promote a correct diet.
CESVI is a non-governmental organization – with which Snam has been collaborating for two years – that combats poverty through various development programs: the fight against malaria and AIDS, childhood, water and sanitation, emergency and rehabilitation and sustainable development.

Le stelle di Lorenzo, a national charity that makes wishes come true for children with serious illnesses undergoing long-term medical treatment.

LILT the italian league for fight against cancer which has three main goals: primary prevention (behaviours and life-style), secundary prevention (culture of early diagnosis promotion) and attention to patients, to their family,  and to rehabilitation.

ANT foundation Italy, which provides free social-health assistance at home to tumour sufferers and runs free of charge cancer prevention initiatives.

AISM, the Italian multiple sclerosis association.

ABIO FOUNDATION, the non-profit organisation that helps children to overcome the impact of spending time in hospital through play, talking, smiling and specially tailored environments.

The 2015 volunteering initiative, still called “Help from the network”, involved employees/volunteers from the San Donato Milanese, Rome, Naples, Turin, Crema and Panigaglia sites, it accounted around 450 hours and consisted of three main elements:

  • meetings to present all the associations
  • a workshop to prepare Christmas gifts (with materials supplied by CESVI and Le stelle di Lorenzo)
  • the selling of the gifts and goods supplied by all associations at the San Donato Milanese, Rome, Naples,Turin, crema and Panigaglia sites: the stalls were managed by Snam Group volunteers in the weeks running up to the Christmas holidays.

    The takings, over 6,500 euro, were donated to the associations.

> For more information on the CESVI project go on the website Food Right Now.

Giangi Milesi, President of CESVI

Giangi_Milesi“Contributes coming from private supporters as you, represent a precious and undeniable resource, because they allow us to intervene with rapidity in states of great poverty and they assure indipendence to our action. Thanks to your work and commitment we have raised more than 800 euros, which will ensure to promote the right to food for everybody by means of an awareness campaign dedicated to the citizenship and the direct support to our project about safe food and diet”.


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