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Piazza Santa Barbara, 7

20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Italy

Switchboard: +39 02.3703.1

Fax: +39 02.3703.9227


Brand and logo

1941-1960 Snam is founded
1941-1960 La metanizzazione dell’italia

October 30, 1941 Snam is founded

Snam, the ‘Società Nazionale Metanodotti’, is founded for the construction and operation of pipelines and the distribution and sale of gas.

The first company logo is a round stamp bearing the acronym SNAM (Società Nazionale Metanodotti), created in contemporary style.

Over a period of twenty years the lettering changes twice, with the adoption of a rectangular logo with bevelled and rounded corners and SNAM written in uppercase.

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