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Snam is leader in Europe in the construction and in the integrated management of the natural gas infrastructure. It is active in transportation, storage and regasification of natural gas safeguarding our  country's energy security.

Since 1941, the brand stands for competence, innovation and corporate responsibility, the key principles that have always inspired the Group's activities. Snam aims at creating value for the company and for all its stakeholders. Snam’s sustainable and integrated network has been the subject of a corporate campaign. Set up in partnership with National Geographic, the Campaign sums up the care and attention that permeate all Snam activities when dealing with nature and communities.

A brand that stands for development and efficiency: to reach them the Group constantly monitors the best available technologies with  commitment  to increase the quality of its services. An effort that led to several achievements: from the renewal of crucial infrastructure such as the Dispatching Center of San Donato Milanese, to the investments in hardware and software technology, such as the use of iPad and the app development program. An history that has recently been "told" at  the Social Media Week in Milan.

The Snam brand also means awareness of the importance of its social activities. That is why the ethics plays a key role. A commitment implemented daily and awarded in 2014 by Transparency International Italia with the highest score  for the communication of anti-corruption programs and activities.

Attention to environmental protection and shared value have ​​inspired activities that reflect Snam’s commitment to be a network sustainable and integrated in the territory. Among the most significant CSR initiatives, "A vegetable garden in the network", a  social responsibility and territorial promotion project, the "Sustainable Paths" book series, that aims at promoting the commitment to environmental protection, the revegetation and morphological restoration; or even the long-lasting collaboration with Legambiente for "Clean Up the World". In  the same direction are initiatives that have linked Snam’s brand to the promotion of culture. One of the latest examples is the support offered to the "Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519" exhibition.

Snam believes in constant dialogue with all stakeholders, to promote mutual understanding and foster a climate of positive confidence. Interaction with local communities is achieved also through the organization and participation in public meetings and events with citizens, while customers and suppliers engagement is possible thanks to initiatives such as the suppliers’ workshop and the Shippers’ Day. More: the participation in initiatives such as the "Tour of Italy in 80 libraries" let Snam cross Italy each year - thanks to the spin of culture and promotion of reading - on two wheels and make known its activities and values. On the international side also, there are several events, such as the recent participation at the Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct in Paris in June 2017.

The Group is also attentive to dialogue with the new generations. For the third consecutive year, "Stories about the future", the initiative that Snam addresses to primary schools with the aim to explore themes such as sustainable development and the proper use of resources. A project  that for characteristics and development is in tune with the values ​​of Snam: the network that respects the future.

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