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20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Italy

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Company structure

Snam is the company that holds the entire ownership of four operating companies (Snam Rete Gas, GNL Italia, Stogit and Italgas), focused on the management and development of their respective business: transport and dispatching, regasification, storage and distribution of natural gas. Towards its subsidiaries, Snam plays a role of strategic guidance, direction, coordination and control, providing services to them.

The Snam's company structure
GNL Italia

Gnl Italia is active in the regasification of liquefied natural gas and operates the Panigaglia plant near La Spezia.

Snam Rete Gas

Since seventy years Snam Rete Gas has been building and managing the infrastructure for the transmission of natural gas.


With 9 operating storage sites located across Italy, Stogit is the largest European player in storage of natural gas.


With 6.5 million users served, Italgas is Italy’s leading player in the natural gas distribution business.

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