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Founded in 1837, Italgas has been the first Italian company to distribute gas in urban areas. The distribution service is carried out under a concession regime towards gas selling companies.

Italgas distributes gas through an integrated, mostly owned infrastructure – withdrawal stations, pressure reduction facilities, distribution networks, delivery points - which allows gas to be taken from the national transportation network and delivered to selling companies in the vicinity of the end users. At the withdrawal stations the gas is also odorised to make it perceptible in the event of leaks, given that methane is naturally odourless. As part of its activities, Italgas measures the amount of gas at the withdrawal and delivery stations.

Italgas is the leading Italian natural gas distributor, with 1,437 municipal concessions, more than 55,000 km of medium- and low-pressure network and 6.4 million active gas meters. Through its Napoletanagas it also manages the gas distribution service in Naples and in other 129 municipalities in Campania region.

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