Snam Rete Gas

Snam Rete Gas


Since more than seventy years Snam Rete Gas has been designing, building and managing the infrastructure for the transmission of natural gas, ensuring Italy stable supplies through a continuous improvement of the gas system. The pipeline network, which has been realized in respect of the environment and landscapes, extends for more than 32,500 km across most of the country. This integrated network is operated by eight local districts that oversee and control the activities of the 48 maintenance centres and a dispatching centre coordinating the 11 compressor stations.

Snam Rete Gas takes in charge the natural gas at the delivery points which are connected to the import lines from Russia, Northern Europe and North Africa, with regasification plants as well as with production and storage sites throughout Italy. The gas is then transported and made available, based on the request of the shippers, at delivery points connected to local distribution networks, large industrial users and power stations. Access to the transport service is subject to regulation, like also tariffs, which are defined on the basis of clear and transparent criteria established by Italy’s Authority for Electricity and Gas.

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