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1941-1960Italy’s conversion to methane
1941-1960 Italy’s conversion to methane

October 30, 1941 Snam is founded

The story of Snam begins on 30 October 1941: the ‘Ente Nazionale Metano’ (formed in 1940), along with AGIP, ‘Regie Terme di Salsomaggiore’ and the ‘Società Anonima Utilizzazione e Ricerca Gas Idrocarburati’ (Surgi) give life to the ‘Società Nazionale Metanodotti’ (Snam) for the construction and operation of pipelines and the distribution and sale of gas. The company’s share capital is three million liras.

1941-1960 Italy’s conversion to methane

During the war, natural gas becomes a crucial to Italy’s energy need. A huge amount of steel, despite a high demand by the war industry, is used to build the first pipeline bringing gas from the wells of Salsomaggiore (Parma) to Lodi and Milan. The pipeline network covers a total of 257 kilometres in 1948, rising to more than 700 by 1950, 2,000 in 1952 and 4,600 in 1960, mainly in the Po Valley.

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