Ethics and Public Affairs

Rapporti istituzionali

The availability of sufficient energy throughout the area and at competitive conditions is a primary requirement for any country. In this context, Snam, a leading Italian infrastructural operator in the gas sector, plays a particularly delicate role, having to guarantee the operations of a transport, storage and procurement system which is resilient, safe and capable of anticipating all possible market scenarios which are expected in the medium and long-term.

The ability to predict and analyse the evolution of the market, operating excellence and a strict operational and financial approach are the main prerequisites for ensuring this objective is met, but the monitoring of the national and European legislative framework and the management of an adequate system of relations with the institutions and the public authorities are equally important.

For this reason, Snam monitors the legislative developments in the countries in which it operates, primarily in Italy and in the European Union, regarding various themes:

  • environment and climate change,
  • national and European energy safety,
  • functionality of the energy market,
  • industry tax issues,
  • employment legislation,
  • technical and safety-related regulations in the operation of plants and infrastructures.

For this purpose, Snam interacts with the legislator and the policy makers, directly and through trade associations - ENTSO-G and GIE in Europe; Confindustria, ANIGAS and Assomineraria in Italy - to help with the adoption of the regulations that reconcile the achievement of business management and development objectives with policy and governance objectives.

the principles

All Snam activities are based on the principles set out in the Code of Ethics signed by the Group’s employees and suppliers; principles that define the system of values – ethics, transparency, correctness, professionalism, good faith, honesty, respect for the legitimate interests of all stakeholders – which forms the basis of the strategic thinking and management of company activities.

As regards relations with the institutions and public administrations, Snam's actions are therefore geared towards transparency, loyalty and correctness; the representation of company interests and support for the implementation of the Group’s strategy and projects is achieved by disclosing the facts, outlining the company's objectives and the repercussions for its shareholders and all stakeholders in a comprehensive and rigorous manner, as with the expected benefits for the national energy system. The meetings with the authorities and public administrations are planned and a record is kept of the actions targeted at supporting the company positions on specific legislative provisions.

On a practical level

Snam is registered in the “voluntary Transparency Register? of the European Parliament and Commission and therefore adheres to the associated Code of Conduct set forth in Annex 3 of the Interinstitutional Agreement of 2014 on the Transparency Register, which establishes the regulations which all registrants must comply with and sets out the basic principles for the rules of conduct in all relations with EU institutions. Snam is also in favour of the adoption, in the Italian legislative system, of a balanced provision for regulating the representation of interests, based on the model of many other western countries.

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