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The particularly dynamic context in which the Snam Group operates requires great flexibility and speed of response to increasingly frequent and changing requests.

Putting the central focus on service excellence by combining safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability means being able to rely on the professional and managerial excellence of human resources. This is why Snam dedicates a great deal of attention to individuals, starting from the selection process, and their employment.

Young people joining the Group are offered a training plan which not only facilitates and supports the employment phase, but promotes their integration into the company organisation.

A three-year training plan will see an in-depth examination of technical, specialist knowledge and personal skills and abilities developed, also using innovative tools and methods.

Each person will also be given the chance to learn about the Group as a whole, get an idea of the organisation and the market contexts in which it operates.

Therefore, we are looking for people with excellent interpersonal skills, people with energy, who are flexible, show initiative and are proactive. People characterised by an innovative approach, by a propensity to work as part of a team and availability to move locations.

If you want to compare ideas, to grow and you are enthusiastic about facing challenges on a daily basis, send your application and find out why it’s interesting to work for the Snam Group.

If your profile matches our requirements, we’ll contact you.

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