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The Snam Group has worked with universities for some time with multiple objectives: acquiring best practices that can emerge from relationships with academic institutions, developing special courses that meet specific business requirements and taking advantage of customised recruiting, training, database analysis and search services.

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Each year it promotes a series of initiatives in order to provide young people with hands-on work experience and knowledge about its various businesses.

Some of the initiatives targeting university and high school students are:

  • Snam gives talks and runs in-depth lessons for master’s programmes and universities including:
    1. Politecnico, University of Milan;
    2. Politecnico, University of Turin;
    3. Università Cattolica of Milan;
    4. Bocconi University;
    5. Cassino University;
  • For six years Snam has sponsored a master’s programme originally called MEUM, Master in Multiutilities, Environment and Energy, which is now called “Master in Energy, Environment & Communication”, organised by the consulting firm Bip - Business Integration Partners - a recognised university master’s programme with the support of a prestigious partner: IULM – Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione. The sponsorship is provided through scholarships and the opportunity to accept some students for internships to complement their training.


To date, the Snam group has accepted interns involved in the following master's programmes:

  • Media Relations and Corporate Communication at Università Cattolica of Milan,
  • Antitrust and Market Regulation at the Tor Vergata University of Rome;
  • In addition, Snam is looking into other projects with various Italian universities to render innovation increasingly rapid and effective within the Group.


Snam would be planning some new collaborations several other Italian universities to make more rapid and effective innovation within the Group.

  • The Snam Group participates in the Discovery Program offered by the Milan Politecnico Career Services office, dedicated to increasing the visibility of the company brand and taking advantage of tools for direct contact with students and graduates.
  • Snam participates in some Career Days, particularly in partnership with local authorities and high schools, to give final-year students hands-on work experience, including with mock recruitment interviews.

In the first half of 2015 Snam attended at the career days at Politecnico of Torino, Politecnico of Milano and Bocconi University, collecint more than 600 Curricula vitae. In the second half of 2015 Snam will attend other events, such as the Catholic University Career Day that will be held in October.


An internship at Snam

Particularly for the engineering and economics courses, Snam offers the opportunity for students to participate in curricular internships based on the company’s specific needs and/or areas of interest.

At Snam, internships are a training experience which enhance professionalism by allowing students interested in our business to gain initial experience in the work environment, providing context to their studies and helping them make more well-informed professional decisions in the future.

Internships can last up to 6 months and feature technical instruction as well as a company tutor who supports the student in training and professional activities for the entire duration of the programme.


Requirements for a curricular interniship:

  • Sponsor: a university or training facility authorised to issue academic qualifications
  • Participant: an undergraduate or postgraduate master or PHD student meeting the following requirements
    1. Graduation mark not lesser than 100/11
    2. Knowledge of the English language
    3. Being younger than 28
  • Maximum duration of the internship: 6 months
  • The internship will take place during university studies for credit, to prepare a graduate thesis or to complete a postgraduate master's degree
  • The training project associated with the internship with involve topics of specific interest to Snam’s business
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