Values and objectives

We are a large and reliable Italian company, with about 3,000 people and with a widespread presence throughout Italy. We perform a strategic role in the country’s system as an integrated operator covering the regulated activities (transportation, storage and regasification) in the gas sector in Italy.

Snam’s objective is to create value in order to meet the expectations of shareholders and the community.

This is achieved by ensuring services for its customers in conditions boasting the maximum safety and reliability and guaranteeing the development of infrastructures and flexibility of the gas system in Italy, in support of the development of competition and safety of the supply system.

The orientation to operating correctly, the guarantee of service quality, protection of the environment and workplace safety represent the foundation for a culture of values recognised by all people of the Group.

In order to reach these objectives the efforts are intensified to develop the skills and abilities of collaborators, to ensure their individual development, to promote their participation and listening and to create a positive work environment.

Thanks to its companies, the Group is leader in Italy in the natural gas market, from transportation to distribution. We work throughout almost the entire country with our offices and operational activities.

Because of our different activities we give the possibility to be introduced in many professional areas and the opportunity of an interfunctional and geographic mobility. This makes the experience in Snam very rich both on the professional than on the personal level.

Sustainability is our best way to create value for the shareholders and the community, with regard to environment and social realities. Our commitment is based on the belief that a company success is measured in terms of the combination of economic, environmental and social terms.

We believe that sustainable development is creation of value, moral integrity, human resources value, protection of nature, safety at work, quality of the service, transparency, technological innovation.

To be introduced in the company is just the first step in a continuous learning path because all the people in the Snam Group can increase their knowledge all along their professional life, with many different experiences and customized training measures.

Our senior resources, which have a long time know-how and experience, are the tutors of the young and have to propose ideas for the development of knowledge and expertise.

The activities of potential detection allow to get information about personal capacity and working behaviour. This leads to find quickly resources with a high growing potential.

A first evaluation moment is carried out for the young university graduates because this activity represents, mainly in the first period of the working life, a fundamental support for the development of personal and professional skills and for the orientation towards management or technical oriented growth, in line with business need.

In the last year we begin an important organizational transformation.

This strong change saw four different companies unified in a new Group beginning an integration process based on the best practices and on the valorisation of differences. It gives us the consciousness that the change is always a new possibility to find out new ways, giving value to all the acquired experience.

That’s the reason we give to our people the necessary instruments, resources and knowledge to work. We appreciate well done work and personal contribution and encourage collaboration between functions and between persons. We well know how important is the balance between work and private life.

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