New Settlement - Functional information

This section includes the information set made available to users for their balancing actions in view of the new Settlement.

Upadate of values of c1 % i,j,k, c2 % k, t1 % j,k and c4 % k  for the definition of standard withdrawal profiles

  • Update of the percentage values necessary for the definition of standard withdrawal profiles for the Thermal Year 2019-2020

The climatic correction factors W kr,, calculated for each climatic zone is published every day

  • Methodology report for determining the Wkr parameter

    Methodology report for determining the Wkr parameter and for the verification of the withdrawal profiles with examples and results of the tests conducted, indications on any anomalies found and indications on corrective measures to be implemented

  • Simplified methodology for calculations of Wkr factor

  • Simplified Wkr coefficient Definitive

  • Simplified Wkr coefficient Withinday

  • Semplified Wkr coefficient Dayahead

  • Association of Redelivery Points to the climatic Region

    Associations of Redelivery Points (POOL and individual REMI) to Climatic Regions used for the purposes of Settlement processes.

  • Association of ISTAT Code Municipalities with Climatic Zone and Climatic Region

    Association of the ISTAT Codes of Municipalities to the Climatic Zones and to the Climatic Regions useful for the associations of the city gates to the climatic regions in charge of Transport Companies (as per Article 6.2 of TISG)

Daily detail of the historical data related to the distribution network with daily detail (G k and GID k) and monthly detail (M k) and amount of daily and monthly data (G k, GID k, M k) as a percentage of the historical volumes measured at the interconnection point with the Distribution Network on the same day.

  • Historical data

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