Annual Report 2005

Snam Rete Gas

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Snam Rete Gas is the main Italian operator
for the transport and dispatching of natural
gas in Italy and the only Italian operator that
re-gasifies liquefied natural gas.
At Snam Rete Gas out objective is to create
value that will satisfy the expectations
of our shareholders.
This is achieved by ensuring a transport
service that offers the utmost security
and operational reliability and
guaranteeing the development
of infrastructures in accordance with
the evolution of the Italian gas market.

Snam Rete Gas pursues a growth model that
is sustainable over time and is concentrated
on an attentive evaluation of the environmental
impact of its activities as well as the development
of new and more efficient technologies.
The Company counts on the expertise
of its staff and on their constant development
to successfully meet these objectives.

Snam Rete Gas a Company that is part
of the Eni Group,and was created on the
15th November 2000.On the 1st July 2001
the Company became operational and received
the activities of transport and dispatching
of natural gas as well as the re-gasification
of liquefied natural gas from Snam S.p.A.
(now Eni S.p.A.).
Since the 6 th December 2001 Snam Rete Gas
shares have been listed on the Italian Stock Market.
The Group operates in Italy and comprises:

Snam Rete Gas S.p.A.

Snam Rete Gas S.p.A.

Transport and dispatching of natural gas


GNL Italia S.p.A.

Re-gasification of liquefied natural gas