The table below gives details of the equity investments in Snam S.p.A. held by Directors, Auditors and Managers with strategic responsabilities, as well as their spouses who are not legally separated, and children below the age of majority, directly or via subsidiaries, trustees or nominees, as per the Shareholder Register, communications received and other information acquired from them (situation at 31/12/2018).

Persons who have held these positions, even for a portion of the year, are included.The number of shares (all “ordinary”) is indicated for Directors and Auditors and in an aggregate format for Managers with Strategic Responsibilities. The persons indicated hold the equity investments.

Entity: Snam Shares held
at 31.12.2017
Shares acquired
Shares sold
Shares held
at 31.12.2018
Carlo Malacarne
160,000 0 0 160,000
Marco Alverà
85,000 0 0 85,000
Sabrina Bruno
4.000 0 0 4,000
Snam's managers
with strategic responsibilities*
181,175 3,000 0 184,175

* Of which 5,000 held by a spouse

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