Increased Investments: €5.7 bn (+10%)

Snam has forecast an increase in investments for the period 2018-2022 of approximately 10% to €5.7 bn, versus €5.2 bn in the 2017-2021 Plan. The increase is due to both investments in new businesses and an increase in investments in maintenance and replacement activities, in order to guarantee the maximum resilience, flexibility and efficiency of existing infrastructure. The €5.7 bn investment can be broken down into €4.8 bn of planned investment for the transportation network, €0.7 bn for storage and regasification and €0.2 bn for new businesses linked to the energy transition.


billion euro

transport investments


billion euro

storage and regasification investments


billion euro

energy transition investments

Transport: approximately a quarter of the Plan’s investments concerns development initiatives, including the TAP interconnection, connections in the North-West to service the local market and cross-border flows, the network in Sardinia.
Storage and LNG: is expected an upgrading of the Fiume Treste storage facility. The increase in storage capacity confirming its increasingly strategic role for the security of the system (as evidenced by the trend in flows and prices at the PSV in the times of stress experienced by the system last winter).
New business for the Energy transition: in parallel with the growth in the regulated core business, the new  Plan also envisages investments of at least €200 mln for the energy transition: biomethane, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency.


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Capex 2018-2022
Storage & regass

€0.7 bn


Capex 2018-2022

€4.8 bn


Capex 2018-2022
Energy transition

€0.2 bn





Snam pursues a sustainable model of growth, in order to create value through these main strategic drivers: continuous improvement in core business; enhanced exposure to the energy transition; strong performance of international activities; optimization of financial structure.




Snam confirms its commitment to guaranteeing shareholders attractive and sustainable remuneration and to the payment of an interim dividend. Dividend growth over the Plan period is expected to be 5% per annum. Snam forecasts that for 2018 a total dividend of €0.2263 per share will be distributed in 2019.

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