Company targets and achievements

Snam always aims to guarantee the achievement of its financial targets. The Company is pursuing a sustainable growth model, aimed at value creation and growing asset returns, supported by economic results. Since 2001, the listing year, to March 2018 Snam has achieved significant financial goals, distributing dividends amounting to around €12.3 bn.

Over the 2018- 2022 period Snam will invest €5.7 bn across the businesses. The tariff RAB will grow at 2.5% thanks to the significant capex plan that will be deployed during the plan period. This combined with cost control, the contribution of additional income from Snam’s associates, the reduction in cost of debt and balance sheet management, will support an expected net income growth to 2022 of 4% CAGR.

  • Guidance 2019
  • Targets
  • € ~1.0 bn
  • € 5.7 bn 2018-2022
  • € ~20.4 bn
  • ~2.5% CAGR 2017-2022
  • Net income
  • ~5% growth
  • >4.0% CAGR 2017-2022



Snam has forecast an increase in investments for the period 2018-2022 of approximately 10% to €5.7 bn, versus €5.2 bn in the 2017-2021 plan. The increase compared to the previous plan is due to both investments in new businesses and an increase in investments in maintenance and replacement activities. The €5.7 bn investment can be broken down into €4.8 bn of planned investment for the transportation network, €0.7 bn for storage and regasification and €0.2 bn for new businesses linked to the energy transition.


* Investments post separation of gas distribution activity (Italgas)


Snam confirms its commitment to guaranteeing shareholders attractive and sustainable remuneration and to the payment of an interim dividend. Dividend growth over the plan period is expected to be 5% per annum. The healthy results and solid business fundamentals allow to propose a dividend of €0.2263 per share to the Shareholders’ Meeting, of which €0.0905 per share was paid in January 2019 as an interim dividend and the balance of €0.1358 per share will be paid from 26 June 2019 with an ex-dividend date of 24 June 2019 (record date 25 June 2019).

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