Company targets and achievements

Company targets and achievements

In the 2021-2025 period, Snam is expected to achieve sustainable growth in key indicators. This growth is expected to further accelerate to 2030 through the contribution of new investments.

Net financial debt expected by end 2022 at approximately €14.8 bn, taking into account: planned investments of €1.5 bn in the year; of working capital absorption of 0.3 bn; of cash out for acquisition of the stakes in TMPC and TTPC for 0.4 bn; of 0.6 bn of positive contribution deriving from the optimisation of the capital structure of an associate and the conversion of the convertible bond which expires next year; of the acquisition of the first FRSU (€ 0.3 bn) and net of the collection of the sale of a stake in De Nora for € 0,15 bn. Tariff RAB will reach €21.4 bn in 2022. The guidance for 2022 net profit has been increased to at least 1.13 billion euros, thanks primarily to the good performance of associates, assuming the stability of the contribution of the Austrian associates.


FY 2021 - ACTUAL GUIDANCE 2022 2021-2025 PLAN
INVESTMENTS 1,270 mln 1.5 bn (1.2 bn capex regulated, 0.3 bn green energy projects) 8.1 bn 2021-2025
TARIFF RAB 21 bn 21.4 bn >2.5% CAGR 2021-2025
NET INCOME 1,222 mln 1.13 bn ~3% CAGR 2022-2025
NET DEBT 14,021 mln 15.0 bn <70% Net debt/Fixed asset (including book value of associates)



FY 2021 - ACTUAL GUIDANCE 2021 FY 2020 - ACTUAL FY 2021 VS
FY 2020
INVESTMENTS 1,270 mln* ~1.4 bn 1,189 mln +6.8%
TARIFF RAB 21 bn   √ ~ 21 bn 20.6 bn +1.9%
NET INCOME 1,222 mln   ↑  1,170 mln (including De Nora) 1,164 mln +5%
NET DEBT 14,021 mln   √ ca. 14 bn (including De Nora) 12,892 mln +8.7%

* Delay in the delivery of investments in new businesses.



* Investments post separation of gas distribution activity (Italgas)


Snam confirms its commitment to guarantee to shareholders an attractive and sustainable remuneration and the payment of an interim dividend. The growth of the dividend per share of 5% until 2022 is confirmed, with a minimum growth of 2.5% in 2022-2024, extended to 2025.

Snam expects that in 2022 an overall divided of 0.2620 euros per share will be distributed on full year 2021 results (of which 40% as an interim dividend with payment in January 2022 as resolved by the Board of Directors last November 3rd and the remaining 60% as a balance with payment in June, to be submitted to the Shareholders' Meeting that will approve the 2021 financial statements).

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