Increased Investments: € 6.5 bn (+14%)

Snam has forecast an increase in investments for the period 2019-2023 bringing them up to € 6.5 billion, approximately 14% more than the € 5.7 billion of the 2018-2022 Plan. The growth is attributable both to the new energy transition businesses and to the increase in investments in replacements. In detail, € 5.3 bn of the investments in the plan concern the transportation network, € 0.8 bn refer to storage and regasification and € 0.4 bn to the new businesses linked to the energy transition.


billion euro

transport investments


billion euro

storage and LNG investments


billion euro

energy transition investments

Transport, storage and LNG: completion of the infrastructure to connect TAP to the national network, completion of connections in the North-West to serve the local market and cross-border flows, the network in Sardinia and the start of the conversion of six compressor stations and storage plants in gas-electric hybrids. There are also plans to replace 1,000 km of pipelines over the period of the plan, with additional investments of € 400 mln compared to the previous plan: almost half of these works are currently already under construction or have received the VIA authorization. The plan also includes investments of € 140 mln in grid connections linked to the energy transition (CNG and biomethane plants), up from € 90 mln forecast in the previous plan.
Energy transition and innovation: Snam has planned to double its investment in new business for the energy transition to at least € 400 mln, compared to € 200 mln in the previous plan: biomethane, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, hydrogen. As part of the investment plan, the initiatives of the SnamTec project (Tomorrow's Energy Company) have risen by 65% to over € 1.4 bn: the goal of this project is to accelerate the innovative capacity of Snam and its assets to seize the opportunities offered by the evolution of the energy system.


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Capex 2019-2023
Storage & LNG

€0.8 bn


Capex 2019-2023

€5.3 bn


Capex 2019-2023
Energy transition

€0.4 bn





Snam pursues a sustainable model of growth, in order to create value through these main strategic drivers: the continuing improvement in the results of core business; the growing exposure to energy transition with new initiatives; the solid performance of international businesses and the ongoing optimization of financial structure.




Snam confirms its commitment to guarantee shareholders an attractive and sustainable remuneration and the payment of an interim dividend. The dividend growth is expected to be 5% per year up to 2022, confirming the previous target. The healthy results and solid business fundamentals allow Snam to propose a dividend of €0.2376 per share to the Shareholders’ Meeting, of which €0.095 per share was paid in January 2020 as an interim dividend and the balance of €0.1426 per share will be paid from 24 June 2020 with warrant date 22 June 2020 (record date 23 June 2020).

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