Investor relations' publications

Investor relations' publications

Investor Relations publications are for those who would like to understand Snam, and keep updated on the stock markets and the natural gas business. It is written in a clear language and addressed to shareholders, sector players, and those who might be interested in investing.

The Snam Shareholder


An annual publication for those interested in investing in Snam.

The publication analyses the Group’s structure, its history, the performance of its businesses, the strategic plan and Snam’s stock performance on the market.

Scenario analysis

analisi scenari

A summary prepared by Snam to highlight the key elements of the Scenario Description Document (DDS 2019), prepared by Snam and Terna.

DDS is a prerequisite for the preparation of development plans for the Italian electricity and gas transmission networks.

Il Metanino


An annual publication which provides an overview of the main aspects and developments of the European and international gas market.

The context in which Snam’s energy business operates is outlined via the detailed data for single countries and geographical regions.

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