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Financial Markets Review


A monthly publication on the stock market’s performance and its sectors, with a specific focus on the Utility sector and on Snam's performance.

There is also room for an analysis of the oil market, appointments and news on the company’s financial and sustainability aspects.



A quarterly newsletter that aims to show clearly and concisely the Company’s results, as well as the performance and investments of its different businesses.

In addition, there are also reports on the performance of the company’s stock and the markets, combined with comments on specific topics, giving voice to Snam’s management team.

Corporate Social Responsibility review


A half-yearly review which focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility topics, with a specific analysis of Social Responsible Investing (SRI).

The review also shows exemplary CSR practices employed by other Italian companies and the latest sustainability news.

Investing in Snam, investing in sustainability


Published annually, starting in May 2016, it replaces "Sustainability. Building shared value" since is enriched with more in-depth contents on Snam’s sustainability policies and performance.

A document directed to all Snam’s shareholders, but particularly to those investors that integrate financial analysis with that focused on extra-financial issues, when making their investment decisions about a stock.

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