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  • 22 Apr

    New businesses

    Snam and Wolftank launch collaboration for the construction of refuelling stations for hydrogen vehicles

    TAGS Snam4Mobility, Wolftank, Hydrogen, Refuelling stations

    Snam4Mobility, a Snam Group company active in sustainable mobility, and Wolftank Hydrogen, a company of the Austrian Wolftank-Adisa Group dedicated to hydrogen and renewable energy production and distribution plants, have started a collaboration aimed at boosting hydrogen mobility through the construction of refuelling stations for cars, buses and trucks.

  • 15 Apr

    Other financial

    Snam: procedure to liquidate withdrawn shares finalised

    TAGS Procedure to liquidate withdrawn shares

    Further to the announcement made on 13th April 2021, Snam has finalised the procedure to liquidate the company’s shares for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised in accordance with Article 2437, subsection 1, letter a), of the Italian Civil Code.

  • 13 Apr

    Shareholders' meeting

    Results of the option and pre-emption offer regarding Snam withdrawn shares

    TAGS Results of the option and pre-emption offer, Withdrawn shares

    Snam hereby announces that 7th April 2021 was the deadline for the subscription to the option and pre-emption rights offer pursuant to article 2437-quater, second subsection, of the Italian Civil Code (the "Offer").

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