Eni: Snam Rete Gas is the new brand name for the transmission company

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Snam Rete Gas: this is the new brand name of Rete Gas Italia. On June 28, 2001 the system of natural gas transmission, dispatching and regasification previously owned by Snam was conferred to the Eni Company, thus making a decisive step towards the final company separation of Eni's gas transportation activities, according to the process of restructuring which in addition includes the merger of Snam into Eni and the setting up of the Gas and Power Division.

Thus Eni anticipated the coming into force of the new regulation which envisages the separation of natural gas transmission and dispatching activities from all the other activities of the gas sector, starting from January 1, 2002 (Legislative Decree number 164 of may 23, 2000, concerning "common regulations for the domestic natural gas market").

Since its establishment in1941, Snam has built a huge pipeline network throughout Italy, more than 29.000 km, the Panigaglia (La Spezia) Regasification Terminal and the S. Donato Milanese Dispatching Center that controls and manages the natural gas transport infrastructures.

Snam Rete Gas, wholly focused on Italy, operates in a growing market, which recorded a 6% increase of the annual average gas consumption over the past four years.

Snam Rete Gas works with rules and tariffs calculation systems that prize efficiency and guarantee the development of the investments.

The new brand of the Company, joins the fame and the prestige of the Snam name, leader in the development of the natural gas in Italy over the past 50 years, to the typical gas transmission activity, marking the continuity of the entrepreneurial skills, safety and environmental protection.

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