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  • Year 2010 transport tariffs approved
  • 2008 year end RAB for the transport business: € 12.8 billion

San Donato Milanese, December 28, 2009 - The Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas has approved the tariffs for year 2010, through resolution ARG/gas no. 198/09.

Transport, dispatching and metering tariffs for year 2010 have been set on the basis of the reference revenue equal to 1,703 million euro (net of all pass-through costs, which also include fuel gas and network losses), the additional revenue (28 million euro) related to investments made in the first regulatory period and the revenue (23 million euro) related to the balancing of the system.

Actual revenue for year 2010 will furthermore take into account the growth of transported volumes compared to the reference volume set equal to 75.7 bcm.

The section of revenue relating to transportation capacity is guaranteed and equal to approximately 85% of reference revenue.

RAB at 31 December 2008 for the transport, dispatching and metering business has been set at € 12.8 billion.

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