The Galsi Gas Pipeline: new energy for Sardinia

Cagliari, 23 November 2009 – Conference Room, T-Hotel - “Security of procurement is one of the principal objectives of Italy’s energy policy, together with diversification. All the projects to build new transport infrastructures, including the Galsi line, are essential to be able to meet the growth in energy demand that will surely manifest itself once we emerge from the current world crisis.�? This was what the Minister for Economic Development, Claudio Scajola, had to say about the conference titled “The Galsi Gas Pipeline: new energy for Sardinia�?, which is being held by Galsi in Cagliari on Monday, 23 November to discuss the economic and business aspects of the construction of the new pipeline to import gas from Algeria to Italy (via Sardinia). The pipeline is set to change the energy procurement prospects for Sardinia, Italy and Europe. “ Together with other initiatives, building the Galsi pipeline,�? added Scajola, “will contribute to making Italy an energy hub for the Mediterranean, connecting European countries with countries in Northern Africa, which have major hydrocarbon reserves and which also have great potential for renewable sources.�?

At the conference, many presentations will deal with the issue of building the Galsi pipeline, on both institutional and economic/industrial levels. “The business challenges in the Italian and European energy and regulatory framework�? is the title of one session of the conference; there will also be a roundtable discussion between shareholders of the Galsi consortium, and an analysis of the impact of this important energy infrastructure on the region and on the Sardinian economy. The day will also feature the presentation of the results of the study conducted by AIEE to show the changes and opportunities that will be experienced by Sardinia and its economy as a result of methane being made available for industrial and domestic purposes. Experts on the project from Galsi and Snam Rete Gas will speak, and the latter company is to bring methane to Sardinia under the Regional Administration’s plans. Italian environmental group Legambiente will also participate, with a presentation on the project’s contribution to achieving the European 20-20-20 objectives in Italy. The moderators of the various sessions will be journalists Massimo Mucchetti of Corriere della Sera, Jacopo Giliberto of Il Sole 24 Ore and Emanuele Dessì of L'Unione Sarda.

Other participants in the conference include the management of the Sardinia Regional Administration, the President of Italy’s Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas, the managers of the businesses promoting the project, and the management of Galsi.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the Italian Minister for Economic Development and the Algerian Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources to participate, as had been planned.


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