The Board of Directors of Snam Rete Gas confirms Carlo Malacarne as Managing Director and appoints the members of the council committees

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San Donato Milanese, 30th April 2010 - Today, the Board of Directors of Snam Rete Gas, chaired by Salvatore Sardo, confirmed Carlo Malacarne as Managing Director, giving him all company administration powers except for the specific functions assigned to the Board or the Chairman by law, articles of association or resolutions. The Managing Director is also attributed the Chief Executive Officer functions.

The Board has ascertained that there exist no causes of ineligibility, debarment or incompatibility of the 9 members of the board, of whom 5 are independent, and that all members are fit and proper in accordance with the laws in force. It has also ascertained that the Councillors Davide Croff, Roberto Lonzar, Elisabetta Oliveri, Renato Santini and Mario Stella Richter meet the independence requirements laid down by the law and the Corporate Governance Code.

Finally, the Board appointed Roberto Lonzar (Chairman), Renato Santini and Mario Stella Richter as members of the Internal Control Committee; and Davide Croff (Chairman), Alessandro Bernini and Elisabetta Oliveri as members of the Remuneration Committee.


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