Snam inaugurates its new dispatching center, the infrastructure managing the Country’s gas network

San Donato Milanese, 17 December 2012 – The new Snam dispatching center, which has undergone a complete technological and structural refurbishment, has been inaugurated today by the company’s Chairman, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, and the CEO, Carlo Malacarne.


The dispatching center – which also celebrates its 50th anniversary this year  – is part of a strategic infrastructure to manage gas flows across the domestic transmission network. The 32.000 km-long gas pipelines and the 11 compressor stations which make up the Italian gas system are monitored or remote controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the operation room. A large video-wall of about 50 square meters provides operators with an overall view of the domestic gas transmission network with the main points of interest and the related process information.


The new technological infrastructure is the outcome of significant works which included the transition to digital technology of more than 12,000 km of the remote-measuring network, the integrated use of satellite technology, the creation of a new control room and the replacement of the data processing system, which represents the very core of the dispatching center.


Coordinating this transportation infrastructure through a single, national control center enables Snam to optimise management of gas flows throughout Italy, thus guaranteeing a secure, reliable and efficient infrastructure dependent upon actual gas demand, which can undergo significant fluctuations during the day and is characterized by a specific seasonal variability.


The first dispatching center was created in 1962, when the Snam transmission network was about 5,000 km long. Between the ‘80s and 2000, with the further development of the Italian gas network, it expanded with the construction of a large building designed to withstand high intensity, external stress and to house and optimize all technological services for the remote control of the transmission system.


The new dispatching center, which has been provided with the latest technologies, represents a technological benchmark for the whole of Europe, working towards Snam’s growth targets with an aim to better integrating the European gas networks and managing gas flows throughout Italy.


Technical data:

  • Remote-monitored systems: about 3000, including 11 compressor stations
  • Remote-controlled systems: about 1500
  • More than 130,000 parameters managed in real time
  • Average remote-actions per day: 150
  • Field devices network remote control: about 1500 RTU (remote terminal units)
  • Duration of test: 10 months
  • Duration of commissioning: about 11 months
  • New servers: 60
  • Surface area covered by the video-wall: about 50 square meters


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