Snam and Albgaz sign a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration opportunities in the development of the Albanian gas market

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MoU signed with Albgaz

Tirana, 31 July 2017 - Snam and Albgaz, Albania’s gas infrastructure operator, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for developing collaboration opportunities to support the start and development of the infrastructure system that will be managed by the Albanian company, in connection with the gas market development that will be launched with the TAP pipeline crossing the country.

The Memorandum is part of the activities that Snam recently launched with the Global Solutions business unit, with the aim of leveraging at a global level Snam’s expertise, core competences and know-how developed in 75 years of experience along the entire gas infrastructure chain in Italy and Europe.

The collaboration is targeting, inter alia, to support Albgaz in the development of the infrastructure necessary to launch the gas market and the implementation of best practices typical of the activities run by Snam.

Albgaz has been set up in January 2017 and has the task of developing and managing infrastructure for the Albanian gas market.



Snam operates and develops Europe’s largest, most accessible pipeline network (which extends for more than 40,000 km), the largest storage infrastructure (19 bcm capacity) and one of the first LNG terminals built in Europe. Snam’s investments across the continent aim to facilitate the European Energy Union network integration and to promote gas as a key pillar of a sustainable energy mix. Leveraging its expertise and core competences, the Company has recently launched Snam Global Solutions to deliver studies, consulting and project management activities to the market.



Albgaz is the designed TSO/DSO for the development and management of the Albanian gas pipeline system, operation of underground storage and LNG.

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