Snam Foundation established

Snam Foundation

First Board of Directors meeting held, first projects evaluated


San Donato Milanese, 22 September 2017 - The first Board of Directors meeting of the Snam Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at developing and promoting innovative and responsible practices so as to contribute to Italy’s civil, cultural and economic development in priority areas of public interest, was held yesterday.

The Snam Foundation, enrolled in the Register of Juridical Persons at the Prefecture of Milan on 21 July 2017, was set up to enable the development and pooling together of ideas and resources on the regeneration of highly vulnerable areas, the protection and care of the landscape and environment, and the fostering of cultural activities. In order to help achieve these aims, the Foundation will also utilize the skills and knowledge developed by Snam over its 75 years’ history.

The Board of Directors, which comprises Carlo Malacarne (Chairman), Marco Alverà (Vice Chairman) and Lucia Morselli, begun the evaluation of the first projects that will be developed in order to achieve the Foundation’s mission.

The Board of Auditors comprises Maria Luisa Mosconi (Chairwoman), Gabriella Chersicla and Lorenzo Pozza.

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