Cassa depositi e prestiti, Snam and Silk Road Fund sign a memorandum of understanding

Cassa depositi e prestiti, Snam, Silk Road Fund


  • CDP and Silk Road Fund will consider potential opportunities for collaboration in support of Italian and Chinese enterprises
  • Snam and Silk Road Fund will consider possible joint initiatives in support of the growth of the gas and biomethane sectors in China and other countries

Rome, 23 March 2019 - Cassa depositi e prestiti Spa (CDP), Snam Spa (Snam) and Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd (SRF) have signed today a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aiming at exploring and evaluating common business opportunities.

The MoU Рsigned by Fabrizio Palermo, Chief Executive Officer of Cassa depositi e prestiti, Marco Alverà, Chief Executive Officer of Snam, and Wang Yanzhi, President of Silk Road Fund Рintends to identify areas of common interest to potentially develop joint initiatives primarily in China and Italy, as well as in other countries and regions.



Under the MoU, CDP and SRF will facilitate cooperation by focusing on the potential investment opportunities in the following sectors: financial services, agriculture, food, technology, manufacturing, infrastructure and transportation, energy and white economy (healthcare and personal care assistance). 


Snam and SRF

Snam and SRF will consider possible collaboration initiatives in the area of natural gas infrastructure (pipelines, storage facilities, LNG infrastructure and biomethane plants) in support of the growth of the natural gas and biomethane sectors in China from a decarbonisation perspective.

CDP, in its capacity as a national promotional institution, will be able to consider the possibility of co-financing initiatives that are consistent with its mission also in the fields of energy and sustainability.



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